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Keyless entry, radio frequency identification (RFID), garage door openers, security systems, and baby monitors are good examples of FCC part 15 low power RF or wireless products.  Any product or idea that requires data to be transferred from one location to another over a short distance has wireless possibilities and Driven Designs can make it happen.

You no longer need to avoid incorporating wireless low power RF designs into your products.  Driven Designs takes the learning curve out of RF and eliminates the frustration.  RF is not only our business; it’s our expertise!

We design ideas for RF, analog & digital circuits from concept to production with our forte in low power RF, FCC part 15 transmitter and receiver designs.
  Whether you have worked with RF before or are just considering it, we have the expertise to make it happen.  From the initial specification, to FCC part 15 compliance, to end user training we work with you from concept to production.

Most wireless designs need additional analog and digital circuits for encoding, decoding, and signal processing.  Driven Designs expertise extends not only with low power RF but to analog and digital circuit designs as well.
In short, we have the capability to design your entire idea or assist you with just part of it.  Driven Designs can take your idea from its concept and bring it to successful production.

If you have a product or an idea that requires data to be transferred over a short distance Driven Designs would be happy to discuss the wireless possibilities with you. 

We welcome the opportunity to show you that we can supply good RF solutions for your products, and meet your schedules.  Call or email us with your questions or ideas.

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